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The SAS system is a nationally televised sports information system that has profited units per year since its inception! The SAS system deals with all sports that providing nationally televised games. It is the most successful and consistent sports information system ever invented and has shown profits that far exceed what any tout/syndicate/professional/square or wise guy has ever posted. Bold statement? We challenge anyone to post there plays after tip as we do every night! The SAS has not only shown profit every month, every year, every sport but it is completely transparent if there is a game on ESPN or ESPN 2 the SAS has a side. 25 years in existence the SAS has made millions for  clients. The SAS is a Unit based system. It breaks down every nationally televised game in unit values of 1-3 one being the lowest and 3 being a max. So if you are a player with a absolute max on 3000 then you divide 3000 by 3 and your play would look as follows 

1) 1,000 
2) 2,000 
3) 3,000

Follow the SAS system do not let personal opinion interfere with the selections and never, I repeat never follow the advice of any tout claiming 70-80-90% . as a matter of fact throw percentages out the window all together because percentages mean nothing at the end of the day it is all about bankroll management. If you win 60 percent of your games but are winning +18 units at the end of a week that is + 18,000 to a 1,000 per unit player. Follow the units not the percentage.  

Do not just go to the price page and sign up for the SAS, wow, did I really just say that? YES!!! The SAS is pricey and it is because it works, before making a purchase this large for the SAS system we want you to monitor our plays and see if the SAS is the perfect fit for you!!!

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