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+30 Unit Trial

SAS System Plays

Rated 1-3 Units (strength of play)

3 being a max play.

All Sports SAS offers

(Football, Basketball, Baseball)

Until 30 Units of profit is accumulated from day of purchase. Package does not expire until profits of 30 Units

Selections delivered via sms text



The 365

The 365 is 365 days (one full year) All SAS selections in every sport covered by SAS which include

Football both NCAA/NFL

Basketball both NCAA/NBA

Baseball (MLB)

All 365 plays are released in unit values of 1-3 Units (strength indicator) with 3 units being a max play.

The 365 is one full calendar year which starts the day of payment and ends 365 days from start date.

If plays do not fall within the system on any particular day you will receive notice of "NO PLAY"

The 365 will be delivered daily by both email and sms text unless client has other preference which should be stated at purchase.

The 365 comes with 24 hour 7 days a week support with the exception of holidays. Clients will be assigned an account manager and provided contact information for your representative.

Select the contact SAS button with inquiries about the 365 package


Request Information about The 365

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